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Storytelling is at the heart of everything I do, from writing original investigative stories on politics to the human interest stories that touch the heart. I love covering America's conversations, ones we're having and others we're afraid to start. From politics to the media, music to civic engagement, I take deep dives into issues that shape our world with a writing style that blends the personal with the factual and connects the dots to stories that make us think. Here are a few of my stories published on and Medium.

Memorial at 36,000 Feet

A Tribute on September 11th

I Took Prince For Granted

Remembering Prince, One Year Later

The Dark Ceiling

A Therapists Guide from Obama to Trump

Sally's Amazing Feast

A Love Story On My Dog's Birthday

Covering Activism & Trump

Grading Trump's "Shut Up" Strategy

Holding Trump Accountable

The Challenges of Covering Trump

The United States of Scared

Politicians & The Media Made Us Numb

Trust Compromised

Marathon, Challenger & Bridge Collapse

Curtain Call for Barney?

Retirement or the U.S. Senate?

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